Note:  Tom suggests that you print out this summary as well as the summary in the “What should I do when confronted by a police officer?” FAQ and carry them with you for reference if and when you are ever stopped by a police officer.

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If you are confronted by law enforcement personnel and want to invoke your constitutional rights fully, (1) either show this paper to the officer(s) or (2) read the following verbatim:

The following is directed to the law enforcement officer currently in my presence and any other law enforcement personnel that may be involved in questioning, searching, arresting or detaining me or my property in connection with the current contact:

I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all of the rights and privileges afforded to me by the US Constitution, including the following:

  • I invoke and refuse to waive my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Do not ask me any questions.
  • I invoke and refuse to waive my Sixth Amendment right to an attorney of my choice. Do not ask me any questions without my attorney present.
  • I invoke and refuse to waive all privileges and rights pursuant to the case Miranda v. Arizona. Do not ask me any questions or make any comments to me about this decision.
  • I invoke and refuse to waive my Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. I do not consent to any search or seizure of myself, my home, or of any property in my possession. Do not ask me about my ownership interest in any property. I do not consent to this contact with you. If I am not presently under arrest or under investigatory detention, please allow me to leave.
  • Any statement I make or consent I give in response to your questions is made under protest and under duress and in submission to your claim of lawful authority to force me to provide you with information.