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Practice Areas

The growing numbers of marijuana reform cases throughout the United States show marijuana law may soon change. However, those caught in the system today must still prepare to defend their legal rights. Attorney Tom Dean specializes in all aspects of the law related to marijuana.

Practice areas include:

Marijuana D.U.I.

Unlike alcohol, there is no objective standard for assessing driving impaired by marijuana in Arizona. If you are stopped while driving and the officer “suspects” you are under the influence, you may face charges. THC can be detected weeks after use, so this charge is all too common.

Marijuana Possession with Intent to Sell

Possession with intent to sell is a felony offense. Intent to sell can lead to jail time of two years to nearly four years depending on marijuana amount. However, remember that intent to sell is often charged when misdemeanor possession may be all that the facts support.

Cultivation of Marijuana

Cultivation is the crime related to growing marijuana, either for personal use or with intent to sell. Plants, growing equipment and even seeds can be used as elements of evidence someone engaged in cultivation. However, police must have probable cause to make a cultivation arrest.

Distribution of Marijuana

The seriousness of possession charges depends on whether circumstances suggest intent to distribute. The presence of items such as baggies, scales and cash can indicate criminal intent to distribute. This is a felony in Arizona even with small amounts of marijuana under two pounds.

Transportation of Marijuana

Transportation of marijuana refers to having it under your control while moving it any distance with intent to sell. Transportation can take place with a car, truck, bicycle, or even by walking. Transportation charges become much more severe if you cross state lines.

Marijuana Use for Religious Purposes

Native Americans, Hindus and many others have long used cannabis in many forms as part of religious observations. Individuals can and will be charged with a crime for using marijuana in this way – even though there have been many lawsuits challenging this.

Through the tireless efforts of people around the United States, common sense legal reform around cannabis may soon be a reality. If you are charged for a marijuana offense, however, it’s crucial to connect with an attorney who truly understands this sensitive area of the law.

Don’t wait: Contact Phoenix marijuana lawyer Tom Dean – the attorney for cannabis.