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“Your freedom is my concern and I will do everything under the law to protect it”

-Thomas W. Dean


Welcome to the website for cannabis defense attorney Thomas W. Dean.  If you are charged in Arizona with crime involving marijuana, interested in participating in the legal cannabis industry, or are looking for information on marijuana reform in Arizona, then you have definitely come to the right place.  Mr. Dean’s practice is devoted to the representation of two groups in the cannabis community whose interests often overlap.

First of all, Tom is all about fighting for the rights of persons accused of violating Arizona’s heinous marijuana laws.  Secondly, Tom provides guidance and representation to entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to ensure that they do not run afoul of the many pitfalls and ambiguities in the law. Better to see Tom on the front end and avoid getting busted in the first place. Either way, Tom is here to help you. Please take a few minutes to check out the wealth of resources offered on this website.


Tom Dean has been a criminal defense lawyer since 1993 and has been winning marijuana cases in Arizona for over 20 years. Tom has represented persons charged with every kind of marijuana offense, including cultivation, transportation, sales, extraction, DUI, and simple possession.

Since the enactment of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in 2010, Tom has been at the forefront, scoring many key victories establishing and protecting patient and caregiver rights and resisting the government’s efforts to frustrate and erode the rights of cardholders. Tom has also been a trail blazer in the legal cannabis industry, working with entrepreneurs who are skilled in the cannabis trades. For more information about Tom’s experience, please click the Attorney Profile button.


If you are charged with a marijuana offense, look no further. Contact Tom Dean by phone or through the Request Help Now form provided. Usually, return calls and emails go out the same business day, and are guaranteed within 24 hours. Also, if you are an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, come in to talk about your business idea. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation and confusion in the industry regarding what’s legal and what’s not. Tom will answer all of your questions, make sure that you have all your bases covered, and help you put your best foot forward in this exciting and prosperous industry.

Thanks for stopping by. You are one step away from a comprehensive consultation with a highly experienced and recognized marijuana lawyer. Stand up for your rights; contact Tom Dean today!

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